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Bosnia and Herzegovina: Addressing Needs of Migrants, Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Bosnia and Herzegovina Phase II – BIH971

In this second phase, CARE is continuing to support refugees in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Food and hygiene items, warm clothes for the cold winters as well as appropriate clothing for the heat in summer are distributed. Women who are traveling alone as well as women and children receive specific support. The vouchers that are given out not only help to cover basic needs, but also give people back a piece of their dignity and self-determination and thus mental health. Many who are sick or injured will receive medical help for the first time. Shelters offer the most vulnerable groups, especially women and children, the opportunity to find safe shelter from the cold and violence. Based on the experience and the great needs that prevail, it can be assumed that the relief measures will have an immediate positive impact.

Overall Objective

To improve the living conditions, nutrition and health of about 2,000-3,000 women and men, girls and boys, who have fled war, violence and lack of prospects in their countries and are stranded in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Expected Results

ER 1: Vulnerable refugees and migrants receive accommodation.

ER 2: Refugees and migrants in informal settlements receive food items, distribution of vouchers and urgently needed relief items.

ER 3: Refugees and migrants are provided with integration workshops, first aid kits, psychosocial counselling and medical assistance.

Main Activities
  • Identify vulnerable refugees, especially women travelling alone, women with children and men who are at particular risk.
  • Provision of safe accommodation in Bihać and/or Tuzla area as needed.
  • Psychosocial support and counselling for those accommodated in the shelter.
  • Identification of vacant houses and informal settlements.
  • Preparation of 1,000 food packages and their distribution to informal settlements, bus stations and areas where refugees gather.
  • Continuous provision of 720 hygienic packages to several hundred people in informal settlements.
  • Distribution of 300 vouchers for basic necessities.
  • Distribution of 400 survival kits with winter clothing, sleeping bags, etc.
  • Provision of specific aid for vulnerable women (hygienic items) and children (simple notebooks, pencils for drawings, baby food or baby clothing per request).
  • Psychosocial counselling for refugees and migrants staying in the safe houses, transit reception centres and on the move.
  • Provision of medical assistance to refugees and migrants requiring medical aid which cannot be provided by local authorities.
  • Provision of integrative workshops using CARE’s developed toolkit for Young Men in Emergencies.
  • Other integrative workshops on prevention of sexually transmitted diseases.



Una Sana Canton, Zenica-Doboj and Tuzla Canton


Approx. 2,000 – 3,000 individuals


01.03.2023 – 31.12.2023

Total Budget

100,000 EUR (CARE Austria’s own funds)


This project is funded by CARE Österreich.

This project contributes to the following sustainable development goals (SDGs):